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Storms. floods, fires, burglaries, are unexpected parts of life. A quality home insurance policy is your peace of mind in the event of a sudden disaster. Without insurance, you easily face a financially crippling situation that can be impossible to recover from.

The More you Know the Better

For a lot of others, understand your home or renters’ coverages can be a challenge. Flipping a coin on what coverage to select happens but may not be the best solution.

To educate yourself on home and renters coverage and acquire the best possible coverage, contact a Kerndt Brothers Insurance agent for your next policy whether you live in Ely, Minnesota, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Oskaloosa, Iowa – or anywhere in between, we can help.

What are the Major Pieces of Homeowner’s Insurance?

Home Liability- Provides protection for visitor injuries on your property. Any legal fees or settlements associated with the accident will also be picked up under this coverage up to the limits of the policy.

Dwelling- May help rebuilds or repair the physical structure of a home caused by a hazard, like fire. Connected structures such as a garage are generally covered as well. Outbuildings are easily added.

Personal Property- It is a good idea to carry this coverage to protect your possessions from furniture to appliances, clothes and more. Whether they are destroyed in a tornado or stolen by a thief, your property will be covered to the limits of the policy.

Contact a Professional Who Cares

At Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency, you will be treated like one of our family members. We will take the time to help select the most affordable and comprehensive plan for your unique situation. Pick up the phone and give us a call today! Our toll-free number is (877) 307-1319

We Protect your house, because it’s your home.

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