RV Insurance in Iowa

For years retirees have been the leaders buying RV’s. A new trend has developed in the world of RV camping: Millennials in large numbers have discovered the world of RVing and have taken to it with a passion. RV’s give you a great way to get around and see the country and at the same time a comfortable place to relax. With the quality and number of amenities now available in a modern RV, you need to make sure that you have enough coverage.

Provides Liability Protection and Coverage

Insurance for an RV is similar to insurance on a vehicle. Liability protects you from damaged caused by you or the unit, from an at fault driving accident to things such as your camping neighbor tripping out the door and getting hurt. Comprehensive and Collision coverages work the same as any other vehicle, these give you repairs to your unit from an accident to a hailstorm, and more.

Specialty Coverages for RV’s

RV’s are unique and many carriers offer coverages tailored for that special class of traveler. Roadside assistance, vermin damage, Full Time living programs and so much more. If you live anywhere in Wisconsin, Iowa, or Minnesota, contact Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency in Lansing, IA to get the right coverage from any one of a host highly rated companies.