New Place? You May Need Renters Insurance

Moving into a new living space can be an exhilarating experience. However, it often comes with a degree of stress and a plethora of questions. One pressing question might revolve around renters insurance – do you need it? Should you get it even when not legally required to? If you’re based in Lansing, IA, the astute agents at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency are here to help you find the apt answers and secure the most suitable policy.

What Does a Renters Insurance Policy Cover?

Contrary to homeowners insurance, renters insurance does not protect the physical building you reside in – be it an apartment, single-family house, or any other structure. Instead, it’s explicitly designed to shield your personal belongings within the leased space. Your landlord’s insurance policy covers the building but doesn’t extend to your belongings.

Why Opt for a Renters Insurance Policy?

The aftermath of a loss can be an arduous journey. It proves even more complicated when your valuable items are involved without insurance coverage. A renters insurance policy helps replace lost items, thus significantly reducing potential hardship. Opting for this coverage lets you enjoy peace of mind and fully appreciate your new leased environment.

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Whether you’re just unpacking your moving boxes or have been nestled in your rental for some time, securing a suitable insurance policy remains an excellent idea. If you’re in the Lansing, IA region and contemplating renters insurance, contact us at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency. Committed to the welfare of our clients, we’re here to assist in pinpointing the perfect coverage plan that prioritizes your needs.

Four of the best features of your RV insurance policy

The Importance of RV Insurance Coverage

As an RV owner, it is crucial to understand the range of benefits you can enjoy when you have proper RV insurance. Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency is committed to providing superior RV insurance to Lansing, IA RV owners.

Key Features of RV Insurance

Here are four vital features you can expect from an RV insurance policy.

Roadside Assistance

A vital feature of motorhome coverage is roadside assistance, which can be significantly helpful when your RV breaks down on the road. It includes access to a tow truck, reducing the stress of being stranded away from home.

Storage Discounts

Many RV owners do not use their vehicles throughout the year. If this is true for you, you’ll appreciate storage discounts available with RV insurance. These can effectively reduce the coverage cost during periods when your RV isn’t on the road.

Comprehensive Coverage

Collision insurance alone doesn’t cover several potential damage causes, such as theft or vandalism. It is where comprehensive coverage comes in handy, ensuring cover for various damages, including fire and theft.

Total Loss Replacement

Should your RV get totaled in an accident, a replacement coverage policy will ensure you’re adequately compensated to replace your RV with a new one.

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Are you looking for comprehensive RV insurance coverage in Lansing, IA? Connect with us today at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency for more information on our customizable insurance coverage options and a quote on your desired policy.

Motorcycle Stats and Facts Everyone Should Understand

Motorcycles offer a great way to get around town and can be a lot of fun. That said, it’s important to operate your motorcycle safely and defensively. Driving a motorcycle can increase some risks. Let’s look at some crucial to understand facts about motorcycles. If you have any questions or are looking at motorcycle insurance options, feel free to get in touch. Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency serves Lansing, IA and other communities nearby.

Motorcycle Use is Increasing

The number of motorcycles on the road has risen over the years. In 2018, there were about 8.35 million motorcycles on the road, according to Statista. By 2023, this had risen to nearly 8.8 million. Quite likely, we’ll see more motorcyclists hitting the road in the years ahead.

Motorcycle Accidents are Common and Deadly

Unfortunately, some motorcyclists end up in accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 6,000 motorcyclists were killed in 2021. This marked an increase of about 8 percent from a year prior. Further, motorcyclists make up about 14% of all traffic deaths, and the fatality rate per mile is roughly 24 times greater than that of passenger cars.

Common Factors of Motorcycle Accidents

More than 40 percent of motorcyclists killed in single-vehicle accidents were found to be alcohol-impaired in 2021. Further, 28% of motorcycle operators involved in accidents were found to be alcohol-impaired, according to the NHTSA. Impaired drivers are especially common at night.

Ultimately, many people safely operate motorcycles and avoid serious accidents. However, there are risks when it comes to operating a motorcycle. Every motorcyclist should be cautious and avoid operating vehicles while impaired.

If you have questions about motorcycle insurance plans, feel free to contact Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency, which serves Lansing, IA and other areas nearby.

The Hidden Perils: Uncommon Risks Covered by Boat Insurance

Embarking on aquatic adventures in Lansing, IA, offers a unique escape. At Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency, we understand that beneath the serene surface lie hidden perils. Dive into the lesser-known risks covered by boat insurance and ensure your waterborne journeys remain smooth sailing.

Unveiling Uncommon Risks

Beneath the beauty of Lansing’s waters lie uncommon risks that boat owners may not anticipate. Our deep-rooted connection to the community positions us as your local expert in understanding and addressing these hidden perils.

Protection Beyond the Obvious

Boat insurance goes beyond standard coverage, safeguarding against less common risks. Whether it’s the threat of submerged obstacles or damage during transport, our coverage ensures your vessel is shielded against the unexpected.

Navigating Lansing’s Waters Safely

Lansing, IA, with its unique waterways, demands a nuanced approach to boat insurance. Our coverage is tailored to the specific risks of our community, providing peace of mind as you navigate the local waters.

Why Choose Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency?

As your trusted insurance provider in Lansing, IA, we bring a wealth of experience to the table. We are committed to going beyond the surface, ensuring that you are well-protected against both common and uncommon risks on your boating adventures.

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Ready to ensure your boat is covered against hidden perils? Contact Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency for expert advice on comprehensive boat insurance tailored to Lansing’s unique waters. Our team is dedicated to securing your seafaring dreams and providing the protection you need.

In the realm of boat insurance, it’s the unseen risks that demand attention. Partner with us for a worry-free voyage on Lansing’s waters. Dial our number and let’s navigate the seas of coverage together.

When Does It Make Sense to Get Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance can provide important additional protection if you’re sued over a covered situation. While it’s not for everyone, there are many residents in Lansing, IA, who can likely benefit from this coverage. Here’s a look at when it makes sense to get umbrella insurance.

High Risk of Liability Lawsuits

If you engage in activities that increase your risk of being sued for damages, umbrella insurance is worth considering. High-risk activities can include some sports or recreation, like hunting, boating, or hosting large gatherings, as major accidents can occur during any of these things.

Owning property can also increase your risk of a lawsuit, as you might be held liable for any injuries that occur on your property. This can be a particular risk if you have any waterfront property in Lansing, IA.

Significant Assets to Protect

Individuals with substantial assets benefit significantly from umbrella insurance. If you have notable savings, have large investments, or own valuable property, this extra coverage can protect your assets from being targeted in a lawsuit.

Sometimes coverage is purchased to better insulate historic family properties, even if they aren’t worth very much.

At Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency, we can help make sure you have umbrella insurance and other protections in place so any valuable property you own is well-guarded.

High Exposure to Potential Liability

Certain professions or lifestyles that involve high-profile status can increase the likelihood of lawsuits. Public figures, well-known business owners, or those in high-visibility professions should consider umbrella insurance for added protection.

Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency Is Here To Help

To explore whether umbrella insurance is right for you, contact Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency. Our team can help assess your unique situation and guide you toward the right decision as to whether you should get coverage.

Do You Need Flood Insurance Outside a Flood Zone?

If you’ve ever wondered about whether you need flood insurance, you may question whether people in your area really need this protection. It’s important for every homeowner to have flood insurance, and that includes people who are not in a flood zone. The coverage is essential for protecting your home and making sure that the damages can be paid for if there is a flood. When you need flood insurance in Lansing, IA, call us at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency. 

Flood Zones

There are many areas that are designated as official flood zones. These areas are more likely to experience flooding. There is generally a number of years that go with the designation. For example, a 20-year flood zone can expect a flood about every 20 years. The risk of flooding in this area, however, is higher in any given year than for areas that aren’t classified as flood zones. That makes it vital to have flood insurance if you live in these zones. However, flooding also regularly happens in areas that aren’t flood zones. Among all of the flood claims that are filed each year, about 20% of them originate from areas outside of flood zones. This means that everyone should have food insurance to protect themselves financially. 

Flood Damage

Floods are one of the most damaging disasters that can happen. The damage that they can do can cost an astronomical amount to repair. It may even require that your home be rebuilt because it is so damaged. Without flood insurance, this may be impossible for you to afford. Serious flood damage that you can’t afford to repair means that you’ll lose the investment you’ve made in your home. Avoid the risk by getting flood insurance. 

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To get your flood policy, call us at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency in Lansing, IA. 

Does auto insurance cover the car or the driver?

If you are going to borrow someone’s car in Lansing, IA, or if you are lending your car to a friend, you still need to know if the driver will be insured.

Is someone who is covered under one policy still covered when driving different vehicles?

At Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency, we collect information from insurance applicants such as driving history, household members, and automobile information. This is so the company insuring the family knows the patterns of the family being insured. Someone with a poor driving history may make the policy more expensive, for example.

Other drivers can still use the vehicles under the policy as long as it isn’t a regular thing. You should always inform your insurance agent if someone else is using your vehicle a lot or if other driving patterns change. During the peak of the pandemic, many drivers were able to get a break by reporting that they were no longer spending as much time driving every day because of the temporary work-from-home policies.

If a friend borrows your vehicle and there is an accident, your liability insurance will pay for property damage and for injuries to the other driver and passengers. If the amount owed goes over your policy limits, the other driver is responsible but may be able to use their own liability coverage to make up the difference. That secondary coverage would only kick in once your policy maxes out.

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Even if you trust your friend, you are still taking a risk when lending your vehicle to someone in Lansing, IA. If there is an accident, you will have to report it to your insurance. If your friend is at fault, your insurance will probably have to pay. For any questions about auto insurance, please call Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency today.

How to Save for Retirement with Life Insurance

Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency may specialize in insurance in the Lansing, IA area, but we want to see your finances grow, too. That’s why we search for insurance products that will serve you in multiple ways, like cash-value life insurance policies.

Build Savings with Cash Value Policies

When you buy a life insurance policy with a cash value savings account attached, you can save for your Lansing, IA, retirement while you ensure that your loved ones will receive a death benefit.

Each month, you pay premiums for your whole life policy, but a portion of the premium goes into a savings account pre-tax. That means that you do not pay federal or state income taxes on it until you access it years down the line.

Dual Benefit Life Insurance

While it does require a few years for the account to vest, so you can borrow against it or make withdrawals, you build savings while paying for a necessary financial tool. Your net worth grows – tax-free.

When you do withdraw money or use the savings for a loan, you will need to repay the amount with interest. If you die without doing so, the money withdrawn comes out of the death benefit.

Accessing All of Your Money

Some cash value accounts let you cash out the policy. That means you can close the policy and withdraw all of the savings you built. This also means you would need new life insurance, and you would pay taxes on the savings account balance at tax time.

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Email or call Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency serving the Lansing, IA area. Let us help you set up a life insurance policy that provides for your family now and later.

Would it be helpful for someone in Iowa to get home insurance?

For people residing in the Lansing, IA area, real estate ownership can be a great long-term housing option. When you are looking to buy a home in this area, you do need to ensure that you are careful about protecting it. One of the ways you can protect your assets is by getting a home insurance plan.

There are situations when this coverage will be helpful to have:

When Property is Damaged

A situation when having a home insurance plan will be helpful will come when your property is damaged. There are many risks that come with owning a home, such as if it is damaged in a fire, there is a bad storm, or you are a victim of vandalism. When you do have a home insurance plan, you will have the support necessary to replace or repair parts of your home. 

When Named Liable in an Accident

You also will want to have home insurance when you are named liable in an accident. If an accident does occur on your property, there is a chance you could be held liable and need to cover such damages. With home insurance, you will get the support you need to offset this risk. 

Reach Out To Us

Anyone that does live in the Lansing, IA area needs to ensure they have a home insurance plan in place at all times. When you are ready to start looking for coverage in this area, you can begin your search by calling our team with the Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency.

Our professionals at the Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency know how important this coverage is and they can offer any guidance you need to select your next policy. This can give you comfort that you are selecting the right plan for your situation. 

Electric Powered Personal WaterCraft and Why Insurance Is Needed

There are many lakes, rivers, and beaches near Lansing, IA, where you can enjoy personal watercraft devices called PCW. Personal watercraft are small electric boats for one or two people, electric surfboards, electric sea scooters, electric surfboards, and electric jet skis.

Although insurance is not required, Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency has power toy insurance that covers medical expenses, collisions, and repairs to personal watercraft. Why take the chance of accidents or damage? Like a boat, PCWs should be insured.

Boating Safety and Personal Watercrafts  

In Iowa, children 12-17 years old must complete a boating safety course to operate a PCW alone. They can operate a PCW without being certified when a responsible adult over 18 is on board. In some cases, the boating course is necessary because some PCWs only have room for one person. PCWs should not be operated between sunset and sunrise. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has an online boating safety course that gives a boater education card at completion to kids 12-17. 

Types of Personal Watercrafts 

A one or two-person small electric-powered boat is fun on the water and relaxing. Some boats with low-powered motors are designed for drifting and relaxing. An electric lounger scooter boat lets you lay on two sunbeds, has a ladder on the side, and has a Bluetooth system that warns you when the battery is getting low. Some PCW boats are high-speed and fit one to three people. These boats come with a supercharged engine, audio systems, special controls for speed and turns, and comfortable seats. They are sometimes called water jet skis. 

Electric surfboards are popular, reaching speeds of up to 37 miles per hour.  They have distinctive designs for the beginner to the experienced surfer. Sea scooters are designed for snorkelers and scuba diving and help you explore underwater sites with ease. All these PCWs are pricey and provide hours of enjoyment in the water. Accidents happen on the water and power toy insurance can protect you and your family. 

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If you own a personal watercraft or plan to buy one, contact us at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency in Lansing, IA to learn more about power toy insurance for your watercraft.