Motorcycle Stats and Facts Everyone Should Understand

Motorcycles offer a great way to get around town and can be a lot of fun. That said, it’s important to operate your motorcycle safely and defensively. Driving a motorcycle can increase some risks. Let’s look at some crucial to understand facts about motorcycles. If you have any questions or are looking at motorcycle insurance options, feel free to get in touch. Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency serves Lansing, IA and other communities nearby.

Motorcycle Use is Increasing

The number of motorcycles on the road has risen over the years. In 2018, there were about 8.35 million motorcycles on the road, according to Statista. By 2023, this had risen to nearly 8.8 million. Quite likely, we’ll see more motorcyclists hitting the road in the years ahead.

Motorcycle Accidents are Common and Deadly

Unfortunately, some motorcyclists end up in accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), nearly 6,000 motorcyclists were killed in 2021. This marked an increase of about 8 percent from a year prior. Further, motorcyclists make up about 14% of all traffic deaths, and the fatality rate per mile is roughly 24 times greater than that of passenger cars.

Common Factors of Motorcycle Accidents

More than 40 percent of motorcyclists killed in single-vehicle accidents were found to be alcohol-impaired in 2021. Further, 28% of motorcycle operators involved in accidents were found to be alcohol-impaired, according to the NHTSA. Impaired drivers are especially common at night.

Ultimately, many people safely operate motorcycles and avoid serious accidents. However, there are risks when it comes to operating a motorcycle. Every motorcyclist should be cautious and avoid operating vehicles while impaired.

If you have questions about motorcycle insurance plans, feel free to contact Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency, which serves Lansing, IA and other areas nearby.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle insurance

Many people ride motorcycles, but not all of them carry insurance. It could be a matter of trying to save money, but it also could be a lack of understanding or unanswered questions.Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency is happy to serve Lansing, IA area bikers with all their insurance needs and queries.

Here are some common questions people ask about motorcycle insurance.

Frequently asked questions about motorcycle insurance

Is my motorcycle trailer covered?

It depends on your insurance policy. Most motorcycle insurance policies do not cover trailers. You might have to talk with your insurance agent about whether or not your policy includes a trailer. In most cases, you need a separate insurance policy for your motorcycle and trailer.

What is comprehensive and collision coverage?

Comprehensive coverage covers damage from anything that isn’t a collision. This damage can include fires, weather-related damage, natural disasters, etc. Collision coverage provides compensation for damage done to your motorcycle in an accident. Collision coverage is for when the accident was your fault, and your motorcycle got damaged. If the other party is responsible, their liability insurance will cover the damages.

What is liability coverage?

When you are responsible for causing an accident, liability insurance takes care of the damage and medical costs for the other party. It also takes care of any legal bills you incur if you end up with a lawsuit for the accident.

Are my friends covered if I let them ride my motorcycle?

If your friend is licensed and has permission to ride, your liability should cover them if they were to cause an accident.

Are there motorcycle insurance discounts?

Many insurance companies have different guidelines in place for discounts, such as paying in full upfront, bundling, and safe driving.

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