Do You Need Flood Insurance Outside a Flood Zone?

If you’ve ever wondered about whether you need flood insurance, you may question whether people in your area really need this protection. It’s important for every homeowner to have flood insurance, and that includes people who are not in a flood zone. The coverage is essential for protecting your home and making sure that the damages can be paid for if there is a flood. When you need flood insurance in Lansing, IA, call us at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency. 

Flood Zones

There are many areas that are designated as official flood zones. These areas are more likely to experience flooding. There is generally a number of years that go with the designation. For example, a 20-year flood zone can expect a flood about every 20 years. The risk of flooding in this area, however, is higher in any given year than for areas that aren’t classified as flood zones. That makes it vital to have flood insurance if you live in these zones. However, flooding also regularly happens in areas that aren’t flood zones. Among all of the flood claims that are filed each year, about 20% of them originate from areas outside of flood zones. This means that everyone should have food insurance to protect themselves financially. 

Flood Damage

Floods are one of the most damaging disasters that can happen. The damage that they can do can cost an astronomical amount to repair. It may even require that your home be rebuilt because it is so damaged. Without flood insurance, this may be impossible for you to afford. Serious flood damage that you can’t afford to repair means that you’ll lose the investment you’ve made in your home. Avoid the risk by getting flood insurance. 

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Is Flood Insurance Right for You?

Statistics say that flash flooding causes over 200 deaths per year in the United States, making flash flooding the leading cause of weather-related deaths. This also means that flash flooding causes a lot of damage to people’s homes. If you are a homeowner, you might wonder whether flood insurance is the right decision for you. Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency in Lansing, IA is here to provide you with a guide. 

Flood Insurance: What You Need To Know

Some people might think that flood damage is covered by homeowner’s insurance, but homeowners must get separate insurance to cover the damage caused by flooding. The cost of flood insurance depends on the following factors. The first factor is flood risk. This means the risk of flooding in the area where you live, and whether there are precautions put in place to reduce the risks. The next factor is how much coverage you want to get with your policy. The other factor is what policy you have and who you are getting your policy through.

In the United States, flooding is considered the number one natural disaster.

Various conditions can cause flooding:

  • Spring thaws

  • Heavy rains

  • Hurricanes

Even if you do not live in a flood zone or a high-risk area, you could still be a victim of flood damage. Floods can also happen in areas that are not prone to flooding. Even minor floods can cause a lot of damage. If you live in an area that is at high risk of flooding, your lender might require you to get flood insurance on top of your homeowner’s insurance.

Unfortunately, flood insurance only covers floods that occur from natural disasters. This means that if you have flooding that happens from a broken pipe, your policy would not cover the cost of the damage.

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