New Place? You May Need Renters Insurance

Moving into a new living space can be an exhilarating experience. However, it often comes with a degree of stress and a plethora of questions. One pressing question might revolve around renters insurance – do you need it? Should you get it even when not legally required to? If you’re based in Lansing, IA, the astute agents at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency are here to help you find the apt answers and secure the most suitable policy.

What Does a Renters Insurance Policy Cover?

Contrary to homeowners insurance, renters insurance does not protect the physical building you reside in – be it an apartment, single-family house, or any other structure. Instead, it’s explicitly designed to shield your personal belongings within the leased space. Your landlord’s insurance policy covers the building but doesn’t extend to your belongings.

Why Opt for a Renters Insurance Policy?

The aftermath of a loss can be an arduous journey. It proves even more complicated when your valuable items are involved without insurance coverage. A renters insurance policy helps replace lost items, thus significantly reducing potential hardship. Opting for this coverage lets you enjoy peace of mind and fully appreciate your new leased environment.

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Whether you’re just unpacking your moving boxes or have been nestled in your rental for some time, securing a suitable insurance policy remains an excellent idea. If you’re in the Lansing, IA region and contemplating renters insurance, contact us at Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency. Committed to the welfare of our clients, we’re here to assist in pinpointing the perfect coverage plan that prioritizes your needs.

Do You Have Adequate Renter’s Insurance?

Everyone who rents an apartment, house, townhouse, condo, or any other dwelling should have renter’s insurance. Beyond that, it is important to have adequate renter’s insurance. Do you have adequate renter’s insurance? Here are some ways to know the answer to that important question. These tips are coming to you from Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency serving Lansing, IA.

Amount of property

When determining whether you have enough renter’s insurance coverage, one of the key issues to evaluate is how much property you have and how much it is worth. Look at what the policy you are considering specifies related to that. And make sure you have plenty of coverage if you have a renter’s insurance claim in the future.

Particular belongings

If you have particular types of belongings, you should probably have even more renter’s insurance. For example, some renter’s insurance policies include extra coverage for items like jewelry, art, and electronics. If you have any of those, especially if they are worth a lot of money, you should pay close attention to whether you have adequate renter’s insurance for those.

Specific circumstances

Your renter’s insurance might or might not be adequate to cover certain specific circumstances. For example, many policies do not cover floods and mold. So it is extremely important that you find out whether you have adequate coverage for those. You never know when you might be faced with specific circumstances that can be very costly to handle without enough renter’s insurance coverage.

You probably have many questions about renter’s insurance, including how much coverage you need. Feel free to contact Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency serving Lansing, IA.