Electric Powered Personal WaterCraft and Why Insurance Is Needed

There are many lakes, rivers, and beaches near Lansing, IA, where you can enjoy personal watercraft devices called PCW. Personal watercraft are small electric boats for one or two people, electric surfboards, electric sea scooters, electric surfboards, and electric jet skis.

Although insurance is not required, Kerndt Brothers Insurance Agency has power toy insurance that covers medical expenses, collisions, and repairs to personal watercraft. Why take the chance of accidents or damage? Like a boat, PCWs should be insured.

Boating Safety and Personal Watercrafts  

In Iowa, children 12-17 years old must complete a boating safety course to operate a PCW alone. They can operate a PCW without being certified when a responsible adult over 18 is on board. In some cases, the boating course is necessary because some PCWs only have room for one person. PCWs should not be operated between sunset and sunrise. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has an online boating safety course that gives a boater education card at completion to kids 12-17. 

Types of Personal Watercrafts 

A one or two-person small electric-powered boat is fun on the water and relaxing. Some boats with low-powered motors are designed for drifting and relaxing. An electric lounger scooter boat lets you lay on two sunbeds, has a ladder on the side, and has a Bluetooth system that warns you when the battery is getting low. Some PCW boats are high-speed and fit one to three people. These boats come with a supercharged engine, audio systems, special controls for speed and turns, and comfortable seats. They are sometimes called water jet skis. 

Electric surfboards are popular, reaching speeds of up to 37 miles per hour.  They have distinctive designs for the beginner to the experienced surfer. Sea scooters are designed for snorkelers and scuba diving and help you explore underwater sites with ease. All these PCWs are pricey and provide hours of enjoyment in the water. Accidents happen on the water and power toy insurance can protect you and your family. 

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